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My Story

Denise Lynn Tuson

Denise TusonMy family lineage has inspired, mentored & encouraged my gift & passion which encompasses custom fashion designing, tailoring & personal stylist.

Simple beginnings were with my Dad & Grandma Smith. My Dad owned Elliott Furniture & Upholstery Company. He was the interior decorator. I had a never ending supply of fabric. My Dad was generous to support my talent. I cherish the time sitting at my Grandma’s as she guided my hand sewing.

My elementary years I designed, created & assembled clothing & interior projects. Because of my natural ability I accelerated through dressmaking, pattern guides, textiles & accessorizing. My high school years I achieved fine arts awards. Also, I was able to highlight as a costume designer with stage & theater productions. When the opportunity presents itself, I still enjoy the theater life.

Completing college I graduated with a degree in fashion design (a “fashion designer” conceives garment combination of line, proportion, color and textile. Most fashion designers are formally trained, apprenticed & schooled to make custom garments – Wikipedia). Because of my ability to assemble a garment from illustration stage, this opened doors for me to study under European skilled tailors (a “tailor” makes custom designed garments make to clients measurements; clothing for men & women alike are tailored for custom fit – Wikipedia).

A job experience working in a garment factory as a “fore lady” trained me in production, assembly & piece type work. This efficiency in order and cost analysis was priceless training. Also, my skills were sharpened to reflect a professional finish to all my design projects.

January 1980 “DENISE’S DRESS DESIGNING’ was established. My business studio & atelier has transcended through the years to become my heart & soul! I am reflecting & celebrating my years of creating and designing!


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